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IRON Railings

Wrought iron rails and fencing has become synonymous with elegance and sophistication. It is a signature feature of upmarket townhouses and stately homes. This style of fencing can be seen around private school campuses, government buildings, and legal offices.


Where there is wrought iron fencing and/or railings, there is the ambiance of wealth and style.

While this choice of material does cost a little more than wood or aluminum, it is guaranteed to stand the test of time. It is sturdy, robust, weather resistant, and it can be plied into stunningly beautiful forms and shapes.

  • Beautiful Shapes and Designs
    One of the main reasons why so many homeowners choose wrought iron fencing are the material’s almost limitless design opportunities. Other materials like wood may have a degree of flexibility, but it cannot be molded into the variety of shapes and patterns wrought iron can. If treated with care, iron fencing truly looks like a work of art. Few materials are as diverse and adaptable as wrought iron.


  • Long Lasting and Super Strong
    Wrought iron is almost impossible to break, as it is usually welded and then inserted into cement or linked to other robust materials (like concrete or brick). Wrought iron fencing can last for a hundred years or more if cared for properly.

    We making any custom design railing and open riser stairs modern designs

  • Privacy and Security
    While the degree of privacy provided depends on what kind of design you choose (how tall the fence is, whether the design is open or closed, etc.), it is true that wrought iron fencing can offer increased security, too. For those with a home or business to protect, it is worth thinking about a full-height wrought iron fence. These are difficult to climb, which makes them very popular with celebrities and people who own expensive homes and cars. If it is privacy that you want, a medium-height fence, with a patterned or entirely closed design, could be a worthwhile option. The right kind of patterned fence will obscure the view of your home from a distance. Also, wrought iron can be combined with hedges, bushes, small trees, and shrubs to create the perfect marriage between privacy and style.


  • Minimal Maintenance and Care
    You will also be pleased to hear that wrought iron fencing and railings is very simple to maintain. To keep this kind of material looking fantastic and retain its weather resistant properties, you only need to repaint it once every 2-3 years. If you spot areas which the sun, rain, or climate has worn away, a little bit of paint in the faded area is all that is needed. The maintenance associated with iron fencing is remarkably minimal. Unlike other kinds of fencing, broken or misshapen pieces do not spell disaster for the entire fence. It is perfectly acceptable to remove bent bars and replace them with new ones.


  • More Green Than You Think
    Wrought iron fencing and railings can be recycled or re purposed. It is highly sought-after for used as garden decorations. And, of course, iron fencing wins even more green points for being so durable. If you only have to buy one iron fence in your lifetime, its (and your) carbon footprint will be kept to a minimum.

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