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Glass Railings

In the first place railings and balustrades are designed to protect people from fall. Of course - safety first. So what about installing modern, transparent and elegant separations instead of conventional railings? Our glass solutions create visual highlights and transparency for railings and balustrades.


Glass railings add style and comfort to every home. Dazzling up your house with glass railings are now made easy and affordable by the country’s prime source of topflight glass railings, Metal Design.


Adding glass railings has grown in popularity in recent years. Current technology makes this luxury look safe and more affordable for installations on stairs, landings or balconies, or outside around your yard, pool or porch.


This is not a DIY project. This work requires highly specialized engineering for both the glass and posts, frames and rails. Improper installation is dangerous and will not pass code inspections. Always hire a professional stair and railing contractor for this project. Professional installation provides a clean, polished look.


Glass railing is a strong option for modern and contemporary homes and buildings. Adding glass railing to your project can give it that extra bit of zest to set it apart. But everyone wants to know about two things with glass railing: safety and maintenance.


Many people have had experiences with glass that make them nervous about the safety of glass railing. Whether you’ve dropped a glass cup or a bottle, you’ve likely seen the shards that glass can create. But the glass that’s used in those types of applications are very different from what is used with glass railings. All glass railing systems are made with modified glass for improved tensile strength and shattering protection — the technical terms for them are (tempered and laminated glass). When using the correct type of glass, glass railing is a very safe option for both residential and commercial uses.

Glass railings can be of full height from the floor to the ceiling, from the bottom of the steps to the ceiling, or from the bottom of the steps to the handrail height. A wide array of shapes and colors of glass allows you to create your very own staircase.

-Glass Railings with Stainless Steel frame

Steel and glass combination gives your room elegance, modernity and lightness.

Nowadays homeowners  looking for sleek and clean architectural solutions  opt for the framed glass railings. The difference between  framed and frameless glass railings is the visible framing.  It's a reasonable choice when you have minors at home and wish to avoid the chances of accidents while keeping up with modern trends.

High quality residential or commercial stainless steel railing systems are versatile and strong. They utilize infill options of tempered glass, metal pickets or stainless steel cable. Each of these systems provides superior color retention, impact resistance, and weatherability in any environment.


-Frameless Glass Railings

If you're a fan of simplicity, minimalism or just like clean, precise lines when it comes to the style of your property, then frameless glass balustrades provide all that and more.

Removing the traditional metallic additions to custom glass balustrade design, this frameless style offers a seamless, space-friendly finish that is on-trend and simply stylish.

Ideal for use in narrow spaces or staircases, as well as for balconies, decks and patios, this multi-purpose option offers the light and space of other custom glass balustrades with the added benefit of a more unified and harmonious design, which works well in many different types of properties.

For more organic or natural-styled properties, the lack of metal in this design is also a plus - creating a less industrial feel.

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